All The Ways You Can Make A Secure Garden Shed

All The Ways You Can Make A Secure Garden Shed

Date Published: 19th July 2021

Shed security should be one of the first things you consider when purchasing a shed, and there are plenty of ways to secure a garden shed. 

Your garden shed can house expensive items such as garden tools, outdoor furniture, BBQs, bicycles and more, so it’s important to consider how you can keep these items protected from thieves. 

Here are our tips on all the ways you can make a secure garden shed. 

How to make a shed more secure 

Choose the location mindfully 

Where you place your shed can have a huge impact on the security of the shed, so make sure it’s in view of the house and there aren’t any huge obstructions that can make it easier for thieves to enter without your knowledge. 

Add security lights 

Motion sensor lights are a great option to attach to your shed because you’ll be made aware when there is any movement out in the garden that’s close to the shed. The lights are likely to deter anyone too. There are some great options on the market that are solar-powered too, so you don’t need to worry about installing electricity if your shed doesn’t currently have it. 

Add a security camera 

Installing a security camera doesn’t have to be a costly and time-consuming project, a dummy camera should be enough to deter anyone from breaking into your shed. 

How to secure a shed door 

When it comes to making your garden shed more secure, one of the first changes to make to the shed would be to install proper locks on the doors. Locks that come with most sheds are pretty standard and can easily be broken.

It’s worth investing some time and money into a stronger locking system. Closed shackle padlocks are a great option because they’re really strong and with only a small section of the shackle being unprotected, it makes it less likely that bolt cutters or saws will get through them. 

Improve the shed’s hinges

Making changes to the hinges that come with your shed is another way on how to secure a shed door. 

If the hinges on your shed look cheap and flimsy, then replacing them will instantly beef up the security of your shed. Heavy-duty hinges will make the shed more secure, so switch out screws with carriage bolts that can’t be unscrewed and are less likely to get pulled off with a crowbar. 

Secure the high-cost contents 

If you’re storing high-cost items in your shed, then you might want to consider upping the security inside the shed too. Drawers, cupboards and cabinets that can all be locked add an extra layer of protection for a secure garden shed.

Obscure the windows 

Having large windows with your personal belongings on show is an invitation for your shed to get robbed. Windows are a weak area of the shed too, allowing thieves to gain easy access to the shed. 

If you’re using your shed simply for storage then you can block them out, simply stick on security sheets to the windows or try a glass-frosting spray. 

If you still need some natural light in your shed, then blinds or curtains could be the best option, so you can keep them fully closed whilst you’re not in there. 

Ensure the shed is structurally sound

Keep your shed looking safe and secure by ensuring that it is structurally sound and there is no rotting wood, rusting metal or loose boards. Maintain a secure garden shed and ensure that you fix any problems like those listed above before thieves take note and capitalise on the shed’s weak points. 

If you put into action all of these tips on how to make a shed more secure

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