9 Garden Pub Ideas for an Epic Garden Shed Bar

Garden shed pubs are a fantastic addition to your garden. Whether you want to invite family and friends around for a get-together, enjoy a romantic date night at home or kick back and relax after a long day, then shed bars are an excellent choice for you.

A garden pub is a great way to get a change of scenery from your home, without the inconvenience of actually being away from your home. They can be perfect to host parties in, especially in summer, as you will not need to worry about your home being messy afterwards. 

Below we have put together a list of 9 epic ideas for a garden shed bar for you to take inspiration from. 

  1. Party shed 

If you plan to use your garden shed pub mainly for socialising, then you might want to consider creating a party theme for it. Get yourself a karaoke machine, funky lighting and lots of disposable cups and you have yourself a perfect garden shed equipped for any spontaneous parties. 

  1. Sports garden bar

A sports garden bar is the dream for any sports fans out there. Depending on what your favourite sports to watch or play are will determine the types of things you want to include. 

Adding a TV is standard, so you can watch all the games. Maybe you could consider adding some of your favourite team’s merchandise (posters, scarfs or player shirts) to the shed for decoration. 

Or if you are more interested in playing sports, there are lots of indoor games to choose from. Investing in a pool table, darts board or table tennis table could create hours of fun (and competition) between you and your friends. 

  1. Coffee themed shed bar

If you are a coffee-lover, then a caffeine themed garden bar could be ideal for you. Some great things to add to your bar include a coffee machine, mugs and all of your favourite coffee syrups.

A coffee-themed shed bar could also be the perfect place for you to work if you are working from home. You will have peace and quiet, escape from your house and all the caffeine you need to get yourself through the day. 

  1. Gin bar

If gin is your go-to drink, then having a gin themed garden bar is a great way for you to upgrade your shed. 

You can build up your collection of flavoured gins and mixers, along with gin glasses and decorations for the cups to make all your drinks look Instagram-able.

Allow your creativity to flow when it comes to the decor of your gin bar. If you are looking for a botanical theme, then fake flowers, vines and prints are cheap to buy online. Or if you are looking for something edgier, you could look in your local antique shops to find vintage bottles to pour the gin into or quirky ornaments. 

  1. Entertainment Bar

An entertainment bar is a perfect place to entertain guests. Simply choose your favourite entertainment platforms, which could include a TV, speakers for music, darts board or board games, and install them into the garden shed alongside a bar with your favourite drinks in. You can spend hours here, and always host the best get-togethers in your home. 

  1. Gaming themed garden shed bar

A gaming themed bar is a great place to enjoy your hobbies. You can fit in a TV with your favourite consoles, create your dream PC setup or create the perfect setting to enjoy playing on your handheld consoles. It can be the perfect environment to secure top scores or wins in and to host gaming nights with your friends. 

  1. Rustic shed bar

A rustic shed bar can make the perfect garden bar to kick back and relax in after a long day. The cosy feel of stone and wood materials can create the perfect rustic vibe. Selecting a wooden shed already sets the theme, and purchasing 80s themed signs or entertainment like a jukebox can further enhance it. 

  1. Personalised signs 

Creating a personalised sign is a great way to add something extra to your garden shed bar. It will make the shed truly unique and personal, and you can choose a sign to fit your theme. 

If you are going with a gaming themed bar, then you could consider a bright LED neon sign. Or if you are going to have a sports-themed bar you could look at getting a sign in the shape of the ball used from your favourite sport. The possibilities are endless. 

  1. LED lighting

LED lighting is an efficient and visually aesthetic way to light up your garden shed bar. It is a much more affordable option than traditional lighting, and it looks great as you can find LED lights in a range of colours and shapes. 

LEDs come in many forms and you can get as creative as you want with them. With LED strip lights, you could use it to line the bar or ceiling inside your garden shed bar. 

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