How To Decorate A Summer House

How To Decorate A Summer House 

Date Published 1st September 2021

Summer houses can be a great addition to the property, and once you picked and had yours installed you then get the fun job of decorating and furnishing it. Not sure where to start?  We have all tips on how to decorate a summer house.

Summer houses can be a great place to escape to, you can use them to relax or enjoy your favourite hobbies. You can decorate your summer house to reflect what you’ll be using it for, or choose something simpler to accommodate different members of your family and what they might be using it for.

Here’s our quick guide on how to decorate a summer house for your own tastes and purposes.

Pick a theme

Seaside, country, Zen, club, these are all great options, and the first few don’t mean that the space is stuck to being used for just the one activity.  You could make the theme an extension of your home, but it also works if it’s something completely different. Plus, if you’ve been nervous about using colour in your home, using it in the summerhouse could be a great way to get started.

Paint the exterior

It’s likely that the garden summer house will be a focal point in the garden, so by painting the exterior you’ll make sure it looks extremely sleek and stylish. You don’t necessarily have to pick a colour, you could use a clear or stained timber treatment to enhance the natural colours of the wood.

Pastel colours often work well too, however, it’s important to note you’ll need plenty of coats to make this colour really stand out. A cream shade can really give your summerhouse an added dose of warmth too.

What furniture do you put in a summer house? 

The answer is, whatever type of furniture you want. You might consider buying furniture that can be used indoors and outdoors, plus you’ll want to utilise the space as best you can so make sure to take measurements of everything too. If you’re short of space folding chairs and tables could be the best way forward.

However, you might be having a summer house for a specific reason, so it might be that you need a desk in there to work from home. What furniture do you put in a summer house is all down to your personal preference, and how you’ll be using the space. 

Consider the floor

Add cosiness and warmth to your summer house with the addition of a rug on the floor. If you’ve stuck to simple and plain décor you might want something that’s bold and patterned, or if the walls are busy then keep it a block colour. Don’t forget a mat by the front door to help keep the summerhouse free from mud and dirt.

Light it up

As the sun sets you don’t want to have to leave the cosy interior of your summer house, instead make use of the space all evening with LED battery powered lights, if you don’t want electrics installed. Fairy lights will sit easily along the walls and ceiling of the summerhouse, as well as add a pretty touch to the décor.

Keep it shaded with curtains

Give your summer house a homely touch with the addition of soft, draped curtains on the windows. They don’t need to be heavy at all, some simple white cotton cloth could work, but it’ll help make the space a little cosier, as well as provide shade for the days when the sun is beaming down.

Provide a stylish entrance

It’s likely that your summer house will sit at the bottom of the garden, so give it a stylish entrance with a footpath that leads down to it. Stepping stones are a great way to create an inviting space that leads people to the summer house entrance, and help set the scene for what’s to come. 

These simple tips on how to decorate a summer house should be the perfect starting point when you’ve picked which summer house you’re going to be purchasing.

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