8 Fun Decoration Ideas for Children’s Playhouses


Published 30th May 2022

Wooden playhouses are a brilliant way to guarantee hours of fun for your children. Offering children their own space to play games and entertain themselves, as well as an effective storage solution when it is not in use. Decorating the playhouse with personalised touches can make all the difference, it will make the playhouse truly unique and will make your children feel even more comfortable in it. Introduce colour by painting the shed their favourite colours or add cute, sparkling fairy lights to give it a mystical vibe. Read more about our top 8 fun decoration ideas for children’s playhouses. 

Benefits of Children’s Playhouses

  • Entertainment: Playhouses guarantee lots of fun for children. It gets your children outdoors, which will have a brilliant effect on their health and mood, and it will encourage them to stay outdoors for longer than usual. A playhouse is providing your child with their own personal space to express themselves, and if other children join in then they can take part in role-play activities, which will benefit their social development.  

  • Cognitive Development: Being outdoors and in a safe yet personal environment can do wonders for a child’s cognitive development. When children are outside they take in new smells, sights, sounds, temperatures and experiences which can be extremely beneficial. Also, playhouses are the perfect play solution regardless of the weather and are enjoyed around all seasons. So, children can get to see the seasons and world change around them. 

  • Responsibility: Playhouses are a great and fun way to teach children about responsibility. It is their own personal space. Set them rules e.g. ensure all toys are put away in the correct space or set hours that they can use the playhouses. 

  • Storage Space: Besides the endless benefits of playhouses for children, they can also benefit adults. The playhouse can be used to store some of your children’s toys, which reduces the amount stored in your house. 

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Decoration Ideas

Now let’s delve into some fun decorating ideas for children’s playhouses… 

Add a Pop of Colour With Paint or Stain

Painting or staining the wooden playhouse is one of the easiest yet boldest ways you can upgrade the installation. It will make the playhouse look fun and customised. There are lots of different colours to choose from e.g. baby blue or pink or green. You can even paint it with 2 different colours if you want to get even more creative! If you are struggling with which colour to paint or stain your playhouse, then check out this blog post ‘6 Best Garden Shed Paint Colour Ideas’ for inspiration. Here is ‘A Quick Guide on How to Paint a Shed’ to help you out, with top tips on prepping, cleaning and painting your shed. 

Use Your Green Fingers and Add Plants 

Many children want their playhouses to look like actual houses, so introducing decorations such as window boxes or hanging baskets will make this a reality. You can have fun doing this, by getting your child to pick out plants that they would like and arrange them in a way they want. Gardening is fantastic for children, as it helps with their motor skills development and physical health. It will also blend the playhouse in with the rest of the garden, making it look as though it is supposed to be there. 

Attach Cute Bunting to the Playhouse

Bunting is a cheap, effective and fun way to decorate a children’s playhouse. There are many bunting designs available to buy online or in local stores, or you can even make your own with just a few materials. Watch this tutorial to see how to make your own bunting! A great thing about bunting is that you can swap it out throughout the year e.g. Easter egg bunting for spring, red and green bunting for Christmas or neon colours for summer. 

Install Shelving and Storage 

If you want the playhouse to not only be fun but also be practical then installing shelving or storage units is a great way to do this. It also imitates the playhouse as a real house, making it feel realistic for children. Shelving is easy to install, and you can put your child’s favourite toys, decorations or books on them. Storage boxes are found in most online and in-person stores, and you can find them in a huge range of colours, patterns and sizes. Enhance the storage in your home and garden with this simple yet effective decor. 

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Light Up the Playhouse with Twinkling Lights 

Fairy lights are a cute, mystical and cheap way to light up the wooden playhouse. You can purchase solar or battery-powered fairy lights if you do not want to deal with the hassle of installing electricity in the playhouse. However, you can read more about garden shed lighting here.  Fairy lights can be wrapped around the inside or outside of the playhouse, or you can get creative with them and place them inside of a transparent vase or mason jar to create a stunning, enchanted vibe. 

Create a Cosy Atmosphere with Soft Furnishing 

Soft furnishing e.g. bean bags, blankets, duvets or cushions is a cosy and easy way to decorate your child’s playhouse. These furnishings make the playhouse warmer and more comfortable for your child, encouraging them to play in it more often. It also makes the playhouse suitable to be in during the winter months. 

Get Creative with a Feature Wall

Feature walls are a fun and creative way to decorate your child’s wooden playhouse. There are so many different options for a feature wall, and it really depends on what your child likes. For example, you could paint one of the walls with chalkboard paint. This means that your child can draw on the wall with chalk and have lots of fun! Another idea is to paint a mural on the wall (you can even let your child join in). Take inspiration from some of these DIY wall mural ideas here

Put in your Child’s Favourite Games

This is a simple way to make the playhouse truly your child’s. Put their favourite games or toys inside of the installation, and it will encourage them to spend more time in it. You can even get creative with this and put their favourite games inside storage boxes, so they can easily be brought inside if needed.

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